Party Etiquette

1. Protocol and Etiquette – Please note that protocol and etiquette is expected and required at all Women Rule Parties and the following rules help to promote a true Dominant Woman environment within the overall social party and play time.

2. Women Rule Parties General Information –

   a. For Dominant Women and submissives – Women Rule Parties are for the pleasure of the Dominant Women and the submissives are there to serve.

    b. Private and By Invitation Only – Women Rule Parties are private and by invitation only. Please do not discuss party locations in any public forum. Do not post information about Women Rule Parties on any email list. This enables Women Rule Parties to ensure that members are appropriate for this group.

    c. Members and Guests – Women Rule Parties may “only” be attended by members and their guests. As a member, you may bring a guest(s) to the socials, but please note: 1) You must attend the function with you’re guest(s) and 2) You are responsible for your guest(s).

    d. RSVP Required – RSVP is mandatory and you must be added to the guest list for admittance to events. Failure to RSVP may result in being declined admission

3. A Respectful/Submissive Attitude – All Submissives are required to display a very respectful and submissive attitude throughout the evening.

4. Clothing Appropriate When Arriving and Departing – Please note that standard “street appropriate” clothing will be worn, or scene clothing covered, when arriving and departing from a Women Rule Party. Once inside and out of the public view, scene clothing can then be changed into or revealed.

5. A Clean and Sober Event – Women Rule Parties are “always” clean and sober event; no illegal drugs or alcohol in any form are allowed. Smoking is “only” allowed outside. Please be dressed appropriately if you are going outside to smoke and be sure there is someone to let you back in.

6. No Exchange of Money – There shall be absolutely “no” exchange of money for any form of BDSM play or sexual activity.

7. Play ONLY In Designated Areas – Play is restricted to designated Play Areas and/or a Dungeon area “only.” Do “not” play in any public areas such as the parking lot, street or lobby.

8. Clean Up After Yourself Throughout the Evening – Once through with any cup, plate, or other trash item – throughout the evening – please put it in a designated trash container. Also, make sure you do “not” leave any trash in and/or around the play equipment or play areas. It is required of all submissives to keep all areas clean throughout the evening.

9. Information for Submissives –

    a. Red Wrist Ribbon – To indicate they are available for negotiated play, submissives shall wear a red ribbon on their wrists.

    b. Presenting Themselves – Submissives may present themselves to Women if their owners permit it, but they must never make a nuisance of themselves.

    c. Submissive Sitting – Submissives must not sit upon the furniture unless their Mistress allows it.

    d. Naked or Suitably Slave Attire – When instructed, submissives will strip nude or change into suitable slave attire (as defined by their Mistress or the Women).

10. Be Respectful of Designated Private Areas – Some doors may be either locked or marked “private.” Please be respectful.

 11. No Referral Service or Solicitation – Women Rule is not to be used as a Dominant referral service or a platform for any kind of solicitation.

 12. Felony Convictions – A felony conviction of rape, sexual assault, being a sexual predator, crimes against children, hate crimes, or other crimes against persons “will be” reasons for refusal of membership. Certain cases may be appealed to the board for review.