Dungeon Rules, Etiquette, & Information

1. Protocol and Etiquette – Please note that protocol and etiquette is expected and required at all events and the following rules help to promote a true Dominant Woman environment within the overall social party and play time.

2. Dominants – This designation refers to those who are currently biologically female or post gender reassigned.

3. Submissives – All males are referred to as boys or submissives. Submissives may also be girls or genderfluid persons. Please Note – Women and girls are allowed to switch at parties, but males are NOT.

4. A Respectful Environment – Respect will be given to all members whether Dominant or submissive, while noting that these parties promote a true Dominant Woman environment.

5. Address Dominants Properly – Dominants should be addressed properly (i.e. Mistress, Ms, Ma’am, etc.). Ask what term the Lady prefers.

6. All Play and Interactions Are Consensual – At no time will any play or interaction of a non-consensual nature be allowed. This will be strictly enforced. Certainly included is that no submissive is to be forced into a scene with any Dominant if it is not wanted or sought.

7. A Safe and Healthy Play Environment – Women Rule Parties work to provide and promote a safe and healthy play environment. If you are going to engage in a scene that could possibly be construed as unsafe or include some type of edge play, please have a quick discussion with a Board Member reference to what you’re scene will entail. This helps all of us establish and maintain a safe and healthy play space.

8. Can Interrupt a Scene – Board Members reserve the right to interrupt any scene due to safety and/or other reasons.

9. All Dungeon Rules Adhered To – When the Women Rule Party is located at a dungeon, all of that dungeon’s rules are to be adhered to. These are usually listed on a placard or are provided on printed sheets.

10. Normal Dungeon Etiquette Is Required – Please note the following standard dungeon etiquette and rules.

    a. Safeword – The house safeword is “Red” for stop. A Dungeon Monitor (DM) will notify a Board Mistress if she hears the word “Red” used and the top in the scene does not stop the scene.

    b. Look After Your Submissive – No matter how soft or hard you play, make sure to take care of your submissive, before, during, and after a scene. And also be responsible for the energy you bring to the scene and use aftercare as required.

    c. Do NOT Interfere with a Scene – Do not interfere with a scene unless specifically invited to do so by the participants; otherwise, please do not do or say anything which would disturb the scene.

    d. Watching Is Acceptable – You may watch a scene, but please keep in mind not to accidently interfere by being in the path of the play (ex: if in the way of a flogger or whip swing). Also, please keep conversation, laughter, and/or comments to a minimum in the play space.

    e. Other Players’ Toys – Do not touch another’s toys, equipment or submissive without their permission.

    f. Be Aware of Time on Equipment – Play fair. Do not monopolize equipment to the extent that others do not have the opportunity to use it during the party. Please be aware of others waiting to play.

    g. Clean Equipment After Use – Clean all equipment and surrounding areas after your scene. There are bottles of disinfectant and paper towels available for this.

    h. Pick Up Trash – Do not leave trash, cups, or other items in and around equipment after use, and dispose of in appropriate containers.

11. Fire and Breath Play NOT Allowed – Fire play and breath play are NOT allowed, with the exception for fire play, which is permissible if the dungeon has a specific area designated for fire play.