This page is for members and their guests to share comments about our group. It’s also a place newbies can post questions. We hope it will help people get to know our group better! Just remember to be discrete when discussing what happens at the parties, as they are our own personal Vegas –“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

3 comments on “Comments

  1. It was my pleasure to attend the January party as the guest of Mistress Cowbell and Elaine42. I would be honored to join the group. I understand there is a yahoo listserv but have not been able to locate the address. Please let me know how best to proceed.

    red_hot_pixie (FetName)

  2. Hello,
    My question is simple…. How many people come to events, what is the ratio of Dominants to subs and age ranges?

    It is sooo hard to get involved in this lifestyle. I have been for years and still nothing. You would think with the internet this would be easy. But no such luck.

    • We usually have 25 – 35 people at our parties, but sometimes it’s been just shy of 50 people. Almost even numbers of Dommes and subs, which is nice. Age range is across the board. Come out to one of our munches to get interviewed. If we approve you, you can experience all of this yourself.

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